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Thursfield Primary School is an inclusive mainstream school which aims to include all pupils in all aspects of school life and support our children to meet their potential and achieve at school. This is achieved in the following ways: 

  1. Quality First Teaching is provided for all children. 
  2. All staff are committed to removing any barriers to learning and participation in school life that can hinder or exclude individual pupils or groups of pupils.
  3.  A nurturing environment is provided where children feel safe, secure and able to achieve their highest ability. 
  4. A range of teaching approaches are used to accommodate the different learning styles of the children. 
  5. All pupils are equipped with the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to succeed as responsible and valued members of the community. 
  6. The curriculum provided at Thursfield Primary School enables all our children to develop their acquisition of skills, knowledge, attitudes and values, thus enabling them to realise their spiritual, emotional and academic potential. 
  7. Pupils with SEND and their parents/carers are involved in the planning, assessing, delivering and reviewing of the child’s progress and attainment throughout their learning journey at Thursfield Primary School.
  8. All children are provided with the opportunity to access wider school life and participate fully in our school community. 
  9. Our policies and procedures for the raising of standards apply to all children, thus ensuring inclusive schooling for all children, including those with SEND.

Our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) is Mrs Timmis; she can be contacted on the school phone number:  01782 512301 

The Governor with responsibility for SEND is Mrs. N Cartwright

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Thursfield Primary School
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